Rongai Route

6 Days

This route makes the western Beach of Kibo very accessible. The rail passes through open heath, moorland and rock, crossing several stream along Shira plateau, which posses great beauty and enchantment lacking other areas of Kilimanjaro. It is recommended to spend an extra day at Shira Hut (3840Masl) for acclimatization.


Day 1: Drive from Moshi or Arusha to Londorosi Park gate for payment and registration then walk to forest campsite in a wilderness route with vegetation. Dinner and overnight stay at Big tree camp 2440 Masl.

Day 2: This is a retatively easy day with a height gain of around 610M taking to beautiful wildness camp just outside the Shira crater at 3050 Masl, at Shira 1 campsite.

Day 3: In the Morning after breakfast, crossing into the Shira Caldera (3rd Kilimanjaro Volcanic Cones) to Shira II and 3 hours walk. Overnight stay at Shira II camp 3500Masl. Day 4. Walk across Shira Plateau via Simba camp to Fishers camp in 3 hours. Optional early morning start for those wanting to try acclimatizing trek to Shira Cathedral. Overnight stay at Fishers camp 3800Masl.

Day 5. Take the southern flank passing down the Baranco via the Lava Tower (4600 Masl) it takes 6-7 hours. Overnight stay at Baranco camp (3950 Masl)

Day 6. After breakfast, climb up Baranco wall (4270 Masl) to admire the views of Mt. Meru and the plams for below. Then continue across the ridges and valleys to Karanga valley (4300 Masl) for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7. Make an early morning start to New Barafu ridge high camp (4700 Masl) before Barafu nightfall. Make sure to get enough afternoon sleep rest. Overnight stay at barafu High camp.

Day 8. Rise around midnight to commence the trek up scree slopes to Stella point on the rim. Then continue to the African’s highest point “Uhuru Peak” 5895 Masl. After the summit ascent, discend to New Mweka route camp in 4 -5 hours discend via the Barafu camp ridge for dinner and overnight at Mweka High camp (3850 Masl)

Day 9. After breakfast, walk down across the Alpine moorland, health and the rainforest to Mweka gate for certificate award and transfer to your hotel in Moshi or Arusha.