The name itself tells all really, popularized the world over the Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro stands proudly over the savannah just on the North of Tanzania.

To reach “Uhuru Peak” the summit, no technical knowledge is necessary, the highest point being accessible from all routes but due to high altitude, it’s a trek to take seriously and not all hikers achieve their goal, acclimatization is therefore very important and both our itineraries accommodate this important aspect of ascent at high altitude.


Rongai Route
6 Days

This game is fast gaining popularity and is considered to be one of the easiest route up the mountain. It is the only route starting from the north side of the mountain at Rongai village.


Machame Route
6 Days

It is the second popular route among 6 official route that found in Kilimanjaro. One of the most scenic route up on Kili and having more time to acclimatize as you will be ascending and discending


Marangu Route

6 Days

Being called the “Cocacola” route since is the easiest route; it is the first discovered route up on Kilimanjaro and the overnight stay are on huts.


Londorosi Route
6 Days

This route makes the western Beach of Kibo very accessible. The rail passes through open heath, moorland and rock, crossing several stream along Shira